Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Kerry's Threat

One of the bizarre claims by many right-wing Republicans is that Kerry as President could endanger or damage the country.

But what could he possibly do?

Could he:

1. Invade another country and get the US enmeshed in a war costing billions of dollars and thousands of American lives?

2. Ignore threats of a terrorist attack, resulting billions of dollars in damage and thousands of deaths?

3. Run up an enormous federal deficit through a combination of tax breaks for the wealthy and unchecked federal spending?

4. Increase the size of the federal government while both (a) reducing environmental controls and other regulations of businesses intended to protect the public and (b) increasing the intrusion of the government into state and local governments and the private lives of citizens?

Of course, George Bush has done all of those things already.

So the biggest threat posed by Kerry is that he *might* do the same things in the next four years that Bush *has* been doing in the last four.

That's some threat.

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